Best of the Decade: 2010-2019

The following pages contain composite ratings for the past seven full seasons of Illinois high school football, plus
this year's partial season. The data, drawn from the 2010-2019
seasons, is added together and run through the
computer as if it had been played in a single season.

A few notes: Schools that dropped high school football, closed their doors, changed their names or otherwise
disappeared will not be seen in the numbered ratings. However, they can still be seen in a separate unranked
list at the bottom of each page.

It should also be noted that all schools and conferences start with a rating of 500, which is the average rating of
all schools and conferences.

Lastly, because it is impossible to gauge the competitiveness of out-of-state football programs, we
do not include out-of-state games in these ratings.

2010-2019, all schools

2010-2019, by conference

2010-2019, alphabetical

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