Ratings through the 2019 Illinois high school football season. uses a computer model to provide an objective comparison of the high school football teams and
conferences in Illinois. To create our lists, we use software that was originally developed as an alternative to the NCAA
Bowl Championship Series methods and we apply it to all 579 high school football programs in Illinois. On these pages, you
can find single-season and multiple-season ratings. We recommend that you look at the multiple-season ratings first. Because
of the large number of schools involved, and because of the vast differences between 1A and 8A schools, this computer
model is at its best when dealing with broader trends involving many seasons. The more data it has, the better it performs.

To do the calculations, we chose the
Wilson Performance Ratings, developed by David L. Wilson, a mathematician at the
University of Wisconsin. Wilson's method provides a simple and mathematically sound way to quantify the toughness of a
school's schedule and its propensity for winning.

We invite you to take a look at the numbers and decide for yourself. If you have questions, criticisms, or find an error in our
data, please e-mail us at

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